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About – We service & repair all styles of pvc windows & doors, plus replacement double glazing. Areas we cover are all of East Cork & Cork City.

Below are some of the main problems we fix

Hinges : The number one problem with pvc windows is the hinges. Once they start to fail your sash will not close properly and drafts will start to come in. Once they start to fail the only thing to be done is to fit new hinges.

Glass : Replacement of fogged up double glazing or broken glass

Locks : pvc window locks & door locks only have a about a 10 year life span. Depending on how much use they get. Some locks can last a life time if they are properly maintained and not getting over used. But a lot will start to fail from about 10 years up wards. But most lock can still be got no matter how old your window & doors are.